Если не знаешь, что сказать, говори правду


09.02.2020 16:58

Is Tugushev’s path more interesting than someone else’s business?

The former deputy head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries himself drove himself into a dead end with a story about the Karat campaign.

21.01.2019 20:49

As" laundered " capital billionaire Shchukin

It became known under what scheme ex-billionaire Shchukin and his son-in-law Uzbeks brought out of Russia tens of millions of euros and planned to withdraw billions.

14.01.2019 14:47

Shadow banker № 1 Evgeny Dvoskin

rutelegraf.com publishes investigation about the main underground banker of Russia

03.01.2019 01:35

Naro-Fominsk land "caught fire" under the feet of Michael

Investigators came close to Sergei Mikhailov and his business partners

27.12.2018 00:51

As Serdyukov Kogoghin in Italy armored cars bought

Grandiose Scam led to KAMAZ

18.12.2018 15:14

Three on one

In "Gazprom" the main contract is not Miller

20.11.2018 22:09

The last words of "thief in law": "I am Rudik»

As Grandpa Hassan killed the clan Oganova

18.11.2018 03:25

Sergey Kogogin is rich in family and offshore

As the general director of KAMAZ, he distributed his close posts

13.11.2018 03:22

Gangster Petersburg

Who traded in positions at Gazprom and why they killed Badri Shengelia and Roman Tsepov

04.11.2018 16:34

“I was introduced as Sergey Prikhodko’s son-in-law”

The fate of General Denis Sugrobov

29.10.2018 04:02

Godfather "Mercator" Sergey Mikhailov

Leader of Solntsevo organized criminal group supplies Moscow with cleaning equipment

25.10.2018 16:13

Ded Hasan vs. Rudik Baku

rutelegraf.com talks about the most bloody war of "thieves in law"

23.10.2018 03:08

Bloody year at Sergey Kogogin's KAMAZ

Abduction for Faber, an accident for Muratov

20.10.2018 05:18

How the “Officers of Russia” rule Moscow utilities

Anton Tsvetkov “crushed” the system of management companies

15.10.2018 03:01

God developer Sergey Mikhailov

The leader of Solntsevo organized criminal group through his daughter went to the "MIC-Group"

09.10.2018 02:41

Grandpa Hassan: the first war

The first serious victory of the legendary "kingpin"

05.10.2018 02:22

Kogogin: husband - in KAMAZ, wife - in the State Duma

How Sergei and Alfiya "tied" financial interests

01.10.2018 01:19

Business Empire "Officers of Russia"

How Anton Tsvetkov turned into a millionaire entrepreneur

27.09.2018 04:57

Olympic gold from Taiwanchik

How Tokhtakhunov, Tarpishev and Nusuev shared their medals

21.09.2018 03:21

How Dad Hasan destroyed the "red belt"

Continuation of the investigation of the legendary "thief in law"